Flight Data Entry & Flight Log

Easy data collection even with high traffic volumes

The flight data entry module assists you in handling arriving and departing traffic, as well as managing the flight log. It has been specifically developed for online recording of high traffic volumes. Towered airfields can use an offline mode for subsequent data entry of flight movements based on paper flight strips. Alternatively, flight movements can be imported from electronic flight strip systems or Excel lists.

ATC flight plans for handling pre-planning and quicker data entry

In cases where an ATC flight plan is available for a corresponding flight movement, flight data entry mainly consists of confirming the data contained in the flight plan and assigning take off/landing times. Departure and arrival messages for flight plans can be submitted electronically to AIS – a phone call is no longer necessary.

The flight plan overview with live updates also serves for handling pre-planning in ground ops and traffic control centers. Using scheduled and actual data, passenger information displays and teletext displays can also be controlled.

Flight data entry as an essential data source for all downstream administrative and billing processes

Flight movement data form the basis for statistical reporting and for billing of all services used (including: landing fees based on MTOM / noise level / training status / number / date and time,  approach fees, PPR & lighting surcharges, fees for border clearance and parking fees, as well as customer-specific prices and rebates). Once captured, this information is available for further use throughout your entire network.

Get to know flight data entry with our tutorial videos

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